DesignThe design/build approach replaces the traditional method of awarding separate contracts for design and for construction. On a design/build job, Caspar and architect/engineer are allied and work together to serve the owner. Caspar and the architect/engineer work as a TEAM to design and build a project that satisfies the needs of the owner.

This TEAM approach eliminates the tendency to blame someone else if a discrepancy occurs. TEAM members focus on solving problems rather than placing blame.

Below is what we offer with our Design/Build services:

  • Facility Investigation and Development
    • Existing facility study
    • New facility and land needs
    • Overall site analysis
    • Building and fire zoning
    • Building codes and ordinances
    • Traffic studies
    • Utilities availability
    • Review feasibility budget
  • Schematic Design Study and Budget
    • Design checklist
    • Land survey
    • Soil borings
    • Site development and land use study
    • Floor plan study
    • Mechanical and electrical studies
    • Life cycle posting
    • Value engineering
    • Maximum cost recommendations
    • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance analysis
  • Design Finalization Stage
    • Site development plot plan
    • Floor plans and schedules
    • Elevations and architectural details
    • Structural, mechanical, electrical plans and calculations
    • Technical specifications
    • Complete finish and decorating schedule
    • Landscaping plan
    • Confirmation of construction budget
  • Construction
    • Build it
    • Inspect and test critical items
    • Negotiate changes as required
    • Prepare and document final acceptance
    • Clean up and assist with start up
  • Post-Construction
    • Evaluation and recommendations
    • Facility warranties
    • Provide follow-up consultation
    • Breakdown of building components for depreciation
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