Construction Management at Risk

Competitive BidWith the Construction Management(CM) approach, Caspar and the architect/engineer assist and advise the owner during project design and supervise and inspect for the owner during the project construction. 

Below is what we offer with our Construction Management services:

  • Pre-Design/Planning
    • Feasability studies
    • Site selection
    • Cost estimating
    • Permitting
    • Scheduling
  • Design
    • Design scheduling, phasing, and monitoring
    • Pre-bid construction planning
    • Material procurement identification
    • Advanced purchasing
    • Contract document coordination and review
    • Bid document preparation
    • Government agency coordination
    • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance analysis
  • Construction
    • Contract administration
    • Project cost and scheduling control
    • Solicit bids, bid analysis, contract award
    • Review contractor qualifications/selection
    • Construction observation
    • Review shop drawings
    • Verify materials testing and performance
    • Coordination with owner
    • Progress meetings of team
    • Progress payment preparation and validation
    • Change order control
    • Claims analysis
    • Project record drawings and document maintenance
    • Punch list
  • Post-Construction
    • Facility warranties
    • Evaluation and recommendations
    • Provide follow-up consultation
    • Breakdown of building components for depreciation purposes
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