About Us

“Earning the trust of our clients and maintaining a reputation as a quality builder have been the keys to our success”

At Caspar Building Systems, Inc. we offer an array of services including design/build, construction management, as well as general contractor in order to meet the needs of our clients. These services and the flexibility to apply them to our clients needs, have earned us a reputation as a dependable, quality-oriented company with trained and qualified personnel. We maintain a company-wide dedication to achieving excellence for our clients.

Our commitment to service is a success story built with a three-prong approach:

  1. Service through teamwork
  2. Timely Schedules
  3. Total Responsibility

This approach has served our clients well for over 44 years. Caspar Building Systems, Inc. invites you to consider us a viable partner in your new construction projects.


Caspar Building Systems, Inc. understands that quality in construction does not "just happen." To produce a quality product, our teams must consider all aspects of construction:

  1. Pre-Construction In the pre-construction phase, our teams carefully check the materials of construction and their compatibility with the project requirements and local environment.
  2. Construction During construction, the performance of the craftsmen and confirmation that the materials specified are supplied are monitored on a daily basis. Frequent meetings are held to address the projects safety, quality, and timeliness. Caspar Building Systems, Inc. believes that it is every team member's responsibility to ensure that quality and safety are not overlooked at any time.
  3. Start-Up Upon completion of the facility, each individual system and mechanism is tested to ensure proper operation.


It is the policy of Caspar Building Systems, Inc. that the safety of our employees is the most vital aspect of our operations. Above all, our employees safety must be considered first.

Management provides the leadership and funds necessary to immediately eliminate unsafe practices and conditions that may occur at the construction site.

On site supervisors establish safe operating procedures and train employees on the equipment they are assigned to operate.